Ten things you didn’t know about Wills

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

1. 35 million people in England and Wales don’t have a valid up to date Will, it’s not just you.

2. Anyone over the age of 18 can make a Will, you are not too young.

3. 4250 people die each week in the UK without a valid Will, don’t be one of them.

4. Your Will is the only way to appoint legal guardians for your children, don’t make social services choose who they live with.

5. If you are not married then a valid Will is the only way that your partner can inherit from you, there is no such thing as common law husband and wife.

6. A valid Will lets you choose who looks after your affairs when you die, without one the Government sets the rules.

7. You can look after your pets in your Will, make sure they are comfortable and cared for.

8. You can express your funeral wishes in your Will, Hawaiian shirts all round?

9. A Will must be in writing, no videos, DVD’s or tapes.

10. Your Will is great for tax planning and can protect your assets too.

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