Equity Release

Do you need a trust
Approximately, 29% of those aged 55-64 released equity to help with paying their mortgage, whilst 12% released equity to clear other debts.

Many people believe that with equity release you'll leave debt to your loved ones...

This is no longer true, NO debt is left to your estate and you’ll never owe more than the value of your home once sold upon death or permanently moving into long-term care as long as you meet the terms and conditions set out in the agreement.

Equity release is a financial product for people aged 55 to 95 which allows you to release some of the cash (equity) tied up in the value of your home. The money released, which can be spent however you like, can be taken as a single lump sum or in smaller amounts after an initial lump sum. 

Equity Release

- Repay your exisiting mortgage

- Pay off debts

- Holiday of a lifetime

- Home improvements

- Help family